Vive National Pâté Day!

To quote Saveur Magazine’s article on Pâté and Les Trois Petits Cochons, ‘’Eating good Pâté is simply a way of life in France.'' And since 1975 it has been our goal to make it a way of life in the US as well. Now with pâté and charcuterie becoming more and more popular everyday, we are celebrating our very first National Pâté Day today - November 1st!

Although everyone loves to eat pâté, very few actually know of the history and origins of this niche specialty product. Pâté has been around for centuries, and can actually be traced all the way back to the Greeks and Romans. It was originally developed as a means for preserving the yield from the annual pig slaughter. When pâté became more popular and spread to different areas of Europe, cooks worked diligently to create delicious new recipes.

By the 1500’s a wide variety of pâté, terrines and their many cousins had established themselves as a staple of the French diet. In 1975, pâté found its way to New York City, with the help of our two founders - Alain Sinturel and Jean Pierre Pradie - who founded a small charcuterie shop in Greenwich Village.

Fast forward to 2017, Les Trois Petits Cochons continues to set the standard for high quality pâté and charcuterie nationwide. Help LTPC kick off the holiday season with the first National Pâté Day and continue to honor this timeless tradition!



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