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Perfect selections

🎁 Charcuterie Kits

Three Little Pigs Charcuterie Kits are your perfect companion for any event, from a relaxed picnic to a cozy night in or a sophisticated soirée- each kit is thoughtfully curated to bring the rich and delightful taste of France to your home.

Bon Appétit!

The Gold Medal

$120.99 $97.99

French Summer Picnic

$95.99 $75.99

Gourmet Meals Sampler

$89.99 $74.93

Charcuterie Trio


The Saucisson Lover

$36.95 $32.99

The Party

$68.68 $54.99

The Duck Lover

$82.95 $69.99

The French Premier

$133.41 $98.99

The Petit

$33.46 $29.99

The Seasonal

$95.90 $79.99

Pâté & Mousse Sampler

$104.93 $64.99

The Classic

$75.99 $65.99


Choose your favorite from our recommended bundles and enjoy the complimentary wood handle board and piggy spreader.

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