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Take your pick from ready-made Gift Baskets, or build your own using your favorite products.

Let us do the work for your next party or gift for the little piggies in your life! We’ve got pre-packed charcuterie bundles that take the guesswork out of your next sparkling soiree, easy picnic, or a cozy night in.

Charcuterie Trio

$14.99 $11.99

Saucisson Lover Charcuterie Kit

$36.95 $32.99

Party Charcuterie Kit

$68.68 $59.99

Duck Lover Charcuterie Kit

$82.95 $73.99

French Premiere Sampler

$109.91 $100.00

Petit Charcuterie Kit

$33.46 $29.99

Seasonal Charcuterie Kit

$95.90 $84.99

Organic Charcuterie Bundle

$40.70 $37.00

Pâté Lovers Bundle

$35.96 $30.99

Classic Charcuterie Kit

$74.68 $66.99

Accompaniments Charcuterie Kit

$45.67 $39.99

Charcuterie Sampler

$84.99 $65.99


Choose your favorite from our recommended bundles and enjoy the complimentary wood handle board and piggy spreader.

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