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Our Mission

Three Little Pigs is on a mission to create more enjoyable, everyday moments through casual, well-made charcuterie that is as fun and easy to enjoy as it is high-quality and delicious. We’re committed to continuing the tradition of making delicious, authentic and quality pate and charcuterie for you - our customers.

For more than 40 years we’ve been head-over-hooves in love with flavor! Only the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes make it onto the Three Little Pigs shortlist of deliciousness. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from sourcing ingredients to attention to detail, and our passion for spreading the love of flavor and handcrafted products means we are as committed to you today as we were when it all began.

Stamp Illustration

Our story begins in 1975...

Once upon a time, there were 3 Pigs

...and those pigs were crazy about flavor! Les Trois Petits Cochons first started out as a small deli specializing in charcuterie in Greenwich Village, NYC. Founded by two French chefs who met in Africa while gallivanting across the globe, they decided to open in the bohemian Village and with the help of an American backer - the third piggy - the shop was born.

It was a time when French home cooking was still new in America, but with the help of some glowing reviews from food icons like James Beard, Mimi Sheraton and Craig Claiborne, the 3 Pigs’ “back to basics” traditional French charcuterie took off! Soon our charcuterie was winning awards from the Specialty Food Association, so we decided to close up shop to focus on our production and spread the love of pâté across the United States.

To this day, Three Little Pigs still serves up the same great tasting pâtés, mousses, saucissons, charcuterie and French delicacies made in small batches at thousands of retailers nationwide.

Our Heritage

These little piggies went to market


JUNE 2, 1975


Les Trois Cochons welcomed our first customers in Greenwich Village, NYC.

May 22, 1977

Wholesale began

Started our wholesale business, “Pâtés & Quiches,” to take over the small shop.

May 3, 1988

National recognition

Our line of charcuterie wins our first ever Gold sofi™ award from the Specialty Food Association for Domestic Fine Food

June 4, 1988

We built the House of Bricks

Customers loved us! So we opened a sturdy new kitchen, the House of Bricks, in Wilkes-Barre PA to keep up with all our orders

Dec 25, 1990

Customers wanted more

Our menu grew to include Mousse Truffée and 6.5oz and 8oz. sizes of pâtés

A favorite arrives

We welcomed French classic Jambon de Paris to our growing product list

A winning treat

Our delicious Mousse Truffée wins the Gold sofi™ Award

Pâté gets more convenient

Pâté slices are added to our long list of conveniently sized products

Sausages bring home the bacon

We included sausages for the first time to make your charcuterie even more special

A winning taste of Provence

Our Backpack Through Provence gift set won a Gold sofi™ Award

New look, same pigs

We updated our look with a fresh new brand, packaging and range of tasty pork-free sausages

Celebrating 40 years

In 2015 we turned 40 years old. Not bad for three little piggies!

Going green for the earth

We launched our first organic range of products

Another Gold

Our Sous-Vide Egg White Bites with Broccoli & Cheddar add to our list of Gold sofi™ Awards - this time for Best Breakfast