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3 Easy Ways to Make Charcuterie Roses

3 Easy Ways to Make Charcuterie Roses

We all want delicious and beautifully styled charcuterie boards, at least sometimes, and one of our favorite ways to elevate ours is making charcuterie roses!

There are three super easy ways to do this, so grab your favorite sliced meat (we're using our Sliced Pepperoni, Saucisson Sec, and Chorizo here) and let’s jump right in:

1. Cocktail Glass Charcuterie Rose 🌹 

For this example, we’ll build our rose in a coupe glass (and leave it in the glass on the board). This gives the board some fun height and dimension.

Start by laying out the first layer of petals (salami), each one slightly overlapping with the previous one. Go around the glass twice creating two outside layers of petals. Next lay down around 8 pieces of salami on a cutting board, each one overlapping the previous one about halfway. Fold each piece of salami in half and then roll it up. This will be your center bud. Place the roll into the center of your glass, fluff the petals, et voilà!

2. Shot Glass Charcuterie Rose 🌹

This next style is popularly built in a champagne flute, but here we’re using a shot glass; I love the final shape it gives.

Take your salami and fold it over the rim of the glass so half is inside and half is outside. Do this all the way around the glass, overlapping each petal halfway. Continue until you can no longer see the bottom of glass from the top, which will give you a nice full rose. Next, flip the glass over, using your hand to keep the petals in place while doing so. Place your flipped rose wherever you’d like on your board. Just remember to be gentle while moving and fluffing your petals! This rose is slightly more delicate since it doesn’t have support to help keep its shape. 

3. Charcuterie Rose Skewer 🌹

This one is great for both large and small boards as well as Charcuterie Bouquets and Charcuterie Cups!

You’ll want to use a toothpick, cocktail skewer, or even a trimmed down bbq skewer. Take 3 pieces of salami, each one overlapping the previous piece, and fold them in half. Roll from one end to the other then spear it with your skewer. Stack as many as you’d like!

If you try any of these methods out and share, be sure to tag @3pigspate so we can see! Watch the video tutorial below: