How to Make a Charcuterie Bouquet

How to Make a Charcuterie Bouquet

This Charcuterie Bouquet is creative AND delicious. Elevate your next get together with this one-of-a-kind treat, perfect brunches, bridal showers, Mother's Day, graduation parties, or just because you feel like it.

Ours is blooming with Three Little Pigs Saucisson Sec, Soppressata, and Pepperoni roses, strawberry hearts, fresh herbs, and all the fixings. 🌹 Use it as inspiration for yours, but be sure to get playful with it! Have fun bringing your bouquet to life with color, texture, and all your favorite ingredients. 

What you'll need to make your own Charcuterie Bouquet:

Step by step instructions:

(Scroll all the way down for the video tutorial) 

Prepare your bouquet "wrap".

Grab some butcher or parchment paper, fold it in half on a diagonal, and cut a single straight line partially through the paper. Then, fold the two flaps back. This creates the opening for the bottom of your skewers so that you can easily (and hygienically) carry your completed bouquet once you're done.

Make some salami roses.

Grab a toothpick, cocktail skewer, or even trim down a bbq skewer. Take several pieces of salami and line them up so that each overlaps the previous piece. Once you have your overlapping salami line, fold them in half. Then, roll from one end to the other. Finally, spear it with your skewer. I added a small basil leaf beneath my rose to make it look a little more lifelike.

Repeat the process, stacking as many as you’d like! You can even add cubes of pâté or cheese like I did here.

Add fresh herbs and additional skewers with accompaniments, cheeses, and fruits.

To continue the green and red color combo, I stacked cherry tomatoes with cornichons. I then cut the tops of strawberries to make them look like little hearts, and placed them atop a skewer adorned with blackberries and blueberries. I placed all of my skewers on a bed of fresh herbs, for fragrance and edible visual interest!

Assemble a skewer with prosciutto "rivers"

Take your slice of prosciutto, and fold it in half. Then rotate the folded piece and begin folding it accordion style until you're left with a fan or zig zag. Finally, pierce it with your skewer. Stack several on top of one another to help flll your bouquet out.

Tie a bow around your masterpiece!

Finally, wrap the parchment paper around your bouquet and tie with a ribbon or twine to elevate the presentation.

If you try making your own charcuterie bouquet, be sure to tag @3pigspate so we can see! See these steps in action in the video below: