Dry Goods / Hors d'oeuvres

Sweety Drop Relish

with Petits Poivrons - Sweet Mini Peppers

​Servings: 2


2oz Petits Poivrons

​Olive Oil

Salt and pepper to taste

2 oz. Roasted Red Peppers

1 Oregano Sprig

0.17 fl. oz. Balsamic Vinegar

½ oz. Honey


​Mince roasted red peppers. Drain Sweety Drop peppers and mince. Stem and coarsely chop oregano.

Combine roasted red peppers, Sweety Drop peppers (to taste), balsamic vinegar, honey, and oregano in a small mixing bowl. 

Drizzle in 2 tsp. olive oil and stir. Set aside to let flavors marry.

Perfect with a steak and mashed potatoes. 

Credit: Homechef.com