Charcuterie / Entrées

​Coquillettes au Jambon de Paris

with Jambon de Paris - Cooked Ham - 6 lbs

Pasta with French Style Ham

​Serves 5


3 Slices Jambon de Paris

​2 Shallots, finely chopped

1 tbsp Olive Oil

32 fluid oz Chicken Stock, unsalted

Salt (to Taste)

½ pound Coquillettes (elbow pasta), dry

4 oz Heavy Cream

dash Black Truffle Oil

5 tbsp Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 tbsp Parsley, finely diced


​In a pot, sauté the shallots in olive oil over medium heat until transparent (about 5-8 minutes). Add the chicken stock, salt to taste and bring to a boil. Add the coquillettes and cook as directed, stirring often. Once cooked, drain the coquillettes and return to the pot. Add the heavy cream, a few drops of black truffle oil and stir. Spoon pasta into bowls and top with Jambon de Paris, parmesan cheese and parsley.