Charcuterie / Entrées

Crêpes Bretonnes au Jambon

with Jambon de Paris - Cooked Ham - 6 lbs

Servings: 6-8 people


For the fillings: About 10 thin slices, Or Presliced Jambon Sec: 2 packs (of 3oz each = 10 slices) Jambon de Paris

​For the crepes

2 cups buckwheat flour

1 egg

1/2 tbsp salt

1 cup cider (if not available, beer)

4 cups water (plus one or two more cups if necessary)

For the fillings: 

Chosen sliced ham 

Grated cheddar or Swiss cheese (well matured)

1 egg (or egg yolk, as preferred)

You may add anything else you want, be creative! Ex:

Sauté spinach


Sliced cherry tomatoes

Sauté mushrooms


​Buckwheat is also known as “farine de sarrasin” in French.

In a large mixing bowl, place your  ingredients and mix thoroughly for at least 5 min. Hard cider would be appropriate to Brittany, but you can also add beer, or just skip alcohol, but this gives even more flavor and lightness to the mix.  

Add water until the mix has the consistency of heavy cream. 

As buckwheat flour is completely gluten-free, it needs to be worked fairly hard and long either with a wooden spoon or the beater of the mixer, which helps to make the mix hold together better: the  buckwheat will gelatinizes and the batter gets a satiny sheen to it.  

Transfer to a container and let rest in the fridge 30 minutes-a few hours.The final mix will thicken, and then you can thin it out with a bit more water before cooking.  

Your first galette (crêpe) will be your test for consistency:  a thinner mix allows a lacy, crispy galette which has a toasty, warm buckwheat flavor.  

Heat a heavy skillet, non-stick pan, or crepe pan over medium  heat, then grease with plain oil evenly with a paper towel, then ladle the batter into the pan, turning with your wrist as you pour to evenly spread the mix (not easy: spread with a thin spatula if that helps).  

Flip to cook the other side, about 1 to 2 minutes per side (you can add a bit of butter before flipping it).  

Continue to cook galettes in this way, and pile them up on top of one another on a dinner plate.  This can be done in advance, and then you can finish them in the pan later with everyone’s preferred fillings and serve them hot.

For fillings, slice ham, grate cheddar or swiss cheese.  You

can cook the egg aside in an other pan and add on top of fillings, or add the

egg after flipping your crepe, once the second side if cooking, and then add

other fillings…

You may add any ingredients you like… cherry tomatoes, sautéed

spinach or mushrooms, … Our grilled sausages can also be rolled into a fresh,

buttery galette. 


Photos by Greg Nesbit Photography